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Humane Chicken Euthanasia Simulation Device

Technology #ud20-15

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This novel device was engineered to simulate cervical dislocation of avian species. This device limits or eliminates the need to sacrifice animals for euthanasia training purposes. 


There is no existing technology in the market, where a mechanical device is used for repeat performance of cervical dislocation. 3-D printed neck mechanism is meant to mimic the feeling of performing cervical dislocation on a four-week-old chicken. Chickens are sacrificed for training purposes regularly, while this device brings in mechanical engineering and computer software to analyze the force, angle and size of the chicken’s neck and provide necessary feedback to the trainee and instructor, while eliminating the need to sacrifice a live animal.


· Quick/Easy Reset

· Eliminates the need to use a live chicken

· Low Cost

· Mathematically formulated for correct snap fit


For the overall system there is a force sensor and neck mechanism inside of a ‘chicken body’. The neck mechanism, Bock-Bot and Click-to-Cluck will resemble the first vertebrae that connects the head and neck by calculating the correct spring modulus. The 3-D printed neck mechanism will include an easy reset that allows the user to perform consecutive trials-something that is not possible with one chicken-while receiving live feedback from programmable software. Raspberry Pi was used to program the scenario and provide the force feedback to the user. This mechanism provides the necessary accuracy that allows for the trainee to have a ‘feel’ for the correct force needed for cervical dislocation and understanding the proper angle and size of the avian species’ neck.


The technology is patent pending. Further information on licensing opportunities is available on request.