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Footwear Integrated with Fabric Based Flexible Carbon Nanotube Based Sensors for Gait Analysis

Technology #ud19-27

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A new flexible pressure sensor integrated with footwear to aid in measuring forces and gait analysis during various activities such as walking, running and exercising. This new force sensor is not only accurate, but also lightweight and flexible, giving it an edge on other sensors that are available commercially today. It is because of the lightweight and flexible material that the new sensor can be used without altering or hindering one’s natural gait.

Problem Addressed:

This type of technology can get expensive, bulky and complicated for its users. Today, companies are integrating commercially available sensors that drive up cost, weight, and bulk, simply because that is all that has been previously available. This new footwear integrated sensor is not only less bulky, lower cost and less complicated, but allows for gait analysis to be measured outside of the laboratory, thus allowing for the analysis of natural work and home activities, rather than laboratory simulated ones. This new technology solves the problems of prior art by being so light weight and flexible without lessening its accuracy, thus making it sought after by research groups/companies for a variety of uses and applications. Not only can this new technology be used for the purpose of rehabilitation, but also for a wide range of applications such as for athletes, prosthetics, pediatric motion detection, golf, racquet gripping etc.


·  Lower cost

·  Light weight and flexible material while still maintaining high accuracy

·  Less intricate and complicated for users

·  Can be used in a variety of settings and for a wide range of applications

Technology Summary:

Creation of this new sensor for gait analysis applies a light weight and flexible material that provides high accuracy at a much lower cost than ever before. With this technological improvement, the footwear necessary for gait analysis will be better suited for users when it comes to comfort, cost, and accuracy.


The technology is patent pending. Further information on licensing opportunities is available on request.