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New Methods to Measure Physical Activity Using Wearable Garments

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This product can be used as a wearable activity monitor


The activity monitors currently available in the market are either worn around the wrist, or attached to various pieces of clothing. Smart textiles integrate activity monitoring into the clothing itself making the monitoring system more comfortable, stylish, and easier to use. Researchers at the University of Delaware have developed an alternative approach for measuring activity that is easily implemented, and uses very simple electronics.


Highly customizable

Lower weight than current wearable motion sensors

Highly accurate and comfortable

User-centered design and an easy-to-read output


This invention is a novel integration of a smart, comfortable fabric with very inexpensive, durable electronics.  The textile sensor can measure and map physical activity, and is especially appropriate for measuring motion with a defined beginning and end, for example steps. The sensor can be easily integrated into a variety of different types of apparel, so is not restricted to active wear.


A working prototype exists, and optimization for specific applications  is underway..  Extension to alternative applications could be quickly accomplished.