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An Integrated Process for Direct Saccharification and Dehydration of Intact Biomass to Furfurals

Technology #ud17-06

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 Technology Description: 

Researchers at the University of Delaware have developed a one-step process for producing sugars (glucose and xylose) from lignocellulosic biomass. This process is able to produce up to 90% glucose and xylose from intact poplar wood at a low temperature without the need for expensive pretreatment steps. The process is further integrated to separate sugars in the form of furfurals without involving complex and expensive separation steps. The efficient process has potential applications for making the second generation cellulosic biorefineries more profitable and sustainable. 

Figure: Yields of glucose and xylose from untreated poplar wood over the course of 2h using the inventive process. 


• Complete elimination of the pretreatment step involving hazardous solutions 

• Lower temperature, requires less water, and less energy intensive compared to existing processes 

• Easy and more selective separation of the desired product 

• High yield of xylose and glucose 


• Biorefinery companies 

• Paper pulping companies 

• Biomass harvesting companies