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This proposed technology is intended to be used by any and all individuals who are unable to kneel in at-home settings.


As the large Baby-Boomer generation reaches elderly ages, there becomes an increasing demand for joint health care. Many individuals that are affected by knee osteoarthritis and those who undergo total joint replace are typically not able to kneel. This may be a huge inconvenience as many everyday tasks (such as cleaning, gardening, working, praying, or simply just looking for something in a cabinet below) involve putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure directly to the knee. Faculty at the University of Delaware have designed a technology that is purposed to redistribute pressure from the knee to other joints and allow patients to kneel pain-free.


  • More comfortable than traditional knee pads
  • Disperses pressure away from knee
  • Pain-free kneeling
  • Potentially affordable for any patient


The Unkneeler was purposefully designed to allow people to kneel conveniently and pain-free. The novel structure coupled with strategically used materials allow for all of the load and pressure of the body to be redistributed away from the knee and to other limbs. This ultimately reduces discomfort and eliminates pain. The Unkneeler is completely portable and may be used at home, work, or any public setting.

STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT: Prototype has been developed.