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Conductive Thread Stitched Stretch Sensor

Technology #ud16-45

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Mark Greenspan
Huantian Cao
Dr. Cao is a professor in the Fashion and Apparel Studies Department.
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Technology Description:

This invention describes a one-of-a kind smart textile fabric, a synthetic knit that is a soft stretchy material. It responds to stretching with a change in electrical resistance and thus provides a simple mechanism to measure displacement. This cutting edge technology is an excellent alternative to the rigid, bulky and uncomfortable sensors commercially available today.


  • Novel substrate and thread type
  • 10x greater resistance than existing stretch sensor 
  • Flexible stitch geometry – multiple orientations 
  • High accuracy and precision sensor 
  • Overcomes the challenge of bulky wearable sensing 


  • Athletic apparel
  • Wearable technology 
  • Health monitoring devices